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CURA VITA® is the most popular and trusted prenatal supplement to safeguard the diet of those who are planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, right through to the end of breast-feeding. A scientifically developed formulation of 19 important vitamins and minerals, CURA VITA® contains vitamin B12, and also includes folic acid at exactly the level recommended for the development of the unborn baby. Other essential vitamins and minerals shown to help maintain a healthy pregnancy are also included. CURA VITA® has been carefully developed by experts so that all ingredient levels are within safe levels for pregnancy and are moderate rather than excessive

Recommended level of 400mcg folic acid

The Department of Health recommends women planning a baby should take a supplement containing 400mcg of folic acid from the start of trying to conceive until the 12th week of pregnancy. This is the exact amount of folic acid contained in CURA VITA®, but folic acid is also important after the first twelve weeks. As well as helping to maintain normal healthy development of the neural tube and nervous system, folic acid is required for foetal growth and is vital for cell division from a single cell to a fully developed baby.

More than folic acid alone – with B12 and key minerals

Many studies show the importance of ensuring the correct intake of various vitamins and minerals throughout the entire pregnancy and as part of an aftercare plan. CURA VITA® provides a range of nutrients for overall support, all at sensible, carefully balanced levels. Some pregnancy multivitamins lack all the important basic minerals such as essential zinc and iron, however with CURA VITA® you can be sure of the minerals you need to safeguard the diet, all at sensible, moderate levels.

CURA VITA® avoids high dose iron which is not recommended

Unlike many prenatal iron supplements, CURA VITA® has been specifically formulated with an ideal, moderate level of iron. High levels of iron are not recommended unless there is a particular requirement as identified by your healthcare professional.

Before conception

CURA VITA® is recommended before conception to build up the stores of nutrients such as iron in women who are trying for a baby. Good nutrition is important to help prepare a woman’s body for the additional demands placed on it during pregnancy. Certain nutrients, like folic acid, vitamin B12 and zinc, are also of particular importance from the very first moment of conception, for neural tube development and cell division.

For all of pregnancy

Good nutritional intake is vital throughout pregnancy, not just the first 12 weeks. Iron, B vitamins and folic acid are particularly important for blood formation later in pregnancy, when a mother must produce extra red blood cells for the baby’s new blood supply. CURA VITA® can be started at any point during pregnancy.

Ideal if breast-feeding

Optimum nutrition is valuable during breast-feeding, to assist the production of nutritious breast milk and to help replace a mother’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, which may be reduced. Zinc is important for milk production and vitamin K is important to help the baby maintain healthy levels of blood clotting proteins. Antioxidant vitamins in breast milk, such as vitamin E, may also be important for the baby’s immune system..

Specially formulated by experts

CURA VITA® has been formulated by experts and is often recommended by health professionals including midwives and nurses to help safeguard a mother’s diet. It provides a comprehensive spectrum of essential nutrients at carefully chosen safe levels, developed on the basis of international research both recently and over the past 20 years. It has always contained the recommended level of 400mcg folic acid.



• No artificial colours
• No preservatives
• No gluten
• No Lactose
• No salt or yeast
• Not tested on animals
• Suitable for vegetarians

CURA VITA® has been carefully developed by experts so that all ingredient levels are within safe levels for pregnancy and are moderate rather than excessive
CURA VITA® has been specifically formulated with an ideal, moderate level of iron and avoids high doses
This product is blister packed to keep each tablet or capsule fresh by reducing exposure to the atmosphere.

Directions for Use

One tablet per day with or immediately after your main meal. Swallow with a full glass of water or a cold drink. CURA VITA® should only be taken on a full stomach.

CURA VITA® does not contain any drugs or hormones and is produced in accordance with high pharmaceutical standards of quality control, beyond those normally required for food supplements.

Always read the product directions before use. Do not exceed the recommended intake. As with other food supplements seek professional advice before using if you suffer from food allergies, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if your have an underlying medical condition, or if on medication. Vitamin supplements are not intended to treat or prevent any disease. Food supplements must not replace a balanced and varied diet, and a healthy lifestyle.



Vulnerable Vitamins and Mineral intake

Many people consume a diet, which contains lower than ideal levels of vitamins and minerals. This occurs for several reasons including; low fruit and vegetable intake, hectic lifestyle, erratic eating pattern, lack of balanced diet and poor food choices. As a result of this many women are at risk of not meeting the increased vitamin and mineral requirements during pregnancy. Many women choose to take a pregnancy specific multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, such as CURA VITA® in order to boost dietary intake and ensure that the baby is receiving everything that he or she needs.

The vitamins and minerals that are most likely to the deficient during pregnancy are outlined in the table below, along with the foods that will provide these:

Please note that any health tips or advice provided on this site are not intended as, and should not be regarded as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor or health professional.




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